Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Will Your Audience Understand You?

So now you have learned super polyrhythms! Your hands are as fast as the wings on a humming bird and your feet sound like rolling thunder, but will the general public understand what you are trying to do??

If you get as fast as a machine, will you sound like one? How many people will sit down and listen to a a machine?

Perhaps introducing the public to your arsenal of CLASSIC RHYTHMS and CLASSIC rolls will get their attention first. Then play the same old stuff with ONE HAND. Then introduce your other hand for the timekeeper or swing/shuffle.

Another thing that I'm trying now is playing the same things with my feet as I would on the toms with my hands using accents and rudiments. Perhaps this would also help the audience CONNECT with something that sounds sort of familiar. You can also play old things but using DOUBLING/flamming. That is playing the SAME THING with both hands or a hand foot combination at the SAME TIME. This will make you solo sound more powerful.



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